Sunday 22 February 2015

Sam Sunday #63: Eight Months and a New Routine

Returning to work hasn't actually been as disruptive as I was fearing (so far!). Granted, I only had to work a week before getting a week off for half term, but that week went as smoothly as it could have done. Giles is being looked after by family members, and every time I picked him up in the evening he was happy and settled, which does make it a lot easier for me. He's still sleeping well at night (in fact, better than he did before I went back to work), so if anything the transition was harder for me than it's been for him. I found myself clock-watching in after school meetings and trying to make the most of every bit of time that I get to spend with him.

I think one of the hardest adjustments will be trying to fit in all the extras that go along with being a teacher. I'm not willing to give up any evening time with Giles whilst he is awake, so I think I will be working later in the evenings, when he has gone to sleep. That's absolutely fine with me, but in turn that means less time for relaxing, blogging, reading and other hobbies. I still want to keep blogging, but I'm leaning towards weekly reading journal type posts, rather than full reviews of each title I finish. I'm planning to write full reviews for classic club books, and anything I finish for my two 1001 books projects, but everything else will probably just get a mention in a reading journal. Hopefully this way, I'll still be able to fit blogging into my life.

Giles turned eight months today and he is well on his way to becoming a terror!  He is pulling himself up on everything and cruising all along the furniture. At the moment, he is keen to press all the buttons on the TV, pull the socks out of our under-bed storage, hide from us while giggling and of course climb his bookcase (which is attached very securely to the wall).  He has well and truly reached the stage where he is into everything and it's a lot of fun to watch his brain working as he explores new things.

I have a feeling this week is going to be a tough one as tooth number seven is threatening to poke through, and as always, Giles is coming down with a teething cold.  But next Sunday is my birthday, so I'm looking forward to some lovely family time at the weekend.

How was your week?


  1. I'm glad to hear that work hasn't been too disruptive and that you are still getting to spend plenty of quality time with Giles. I get only 6 weeks of maternity leave and I know that I am already going to feel terribly upset about going back to work.

  2. So glad to hear that both you and Giles are settling nicely into your new routine. And YAY that Giles is sleeping better :-)

  3. I'm so glad it's going well and the transition into work hasn't been as disruptive as you feared. Cheers to good stuff!

  4. It sounds like it's a normal, smooth transition :) And I love your journal-type posts, so feel free to post away! And ah, toothaches are no fun.

  5. I'm so glad the transition is going well! My mom used to look after David when I went to work and it made me feel so secure to know that he was in great hands.

    I hope the new tooth is not too bad for Giles or for you!!

  6. Glad you transition is going smoothly! I'm already worried about the possibility of our baby climbing the bookcases -- some of which are already secured and some of which are not -- we definitely have some baby-proofing in our future!

  7. I'm glad your first week back to work went well! I hope it continues that way, though there are very likely to be good days and bad days. I was smiling when I read about Giles' adventures cruising around. It can be hard on the person looking out for him, but it's so fun to watch them explore. (I don't think Kid #3 has stopped moving since he figured out how to cruise. That was 3 years ago...)

  8. It's good to hear that the transition has all gone well! I hope it stays that way as I'm sure it makes working that little bit easier for you.

    Ah, Alexander still pulls the socks and stuff out from our under bed storage! He has also recently discovered a 'fun' new activity - pulling all the DVD's out of the unit, I'm just glad he can't open them currently!

    Giles teeth seem to be coming in steadily - I hope the new one doesn't cause too much trouble.
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