Thursday 16 May 2013

Bout of Books: Wednesday's Update

Ah, life.  Why do you always have to interfere when I want to do nothing but read?  I managed to get a good chunk of reading done whilst getting the brakes on my car checked at the garage but due to circumstances, I had to spend quite a lot of time helping out my husband in the evening with some things for his work.  At my work, my class are taking their exams and I think the stress of this plus staying up a bit later than usual every night is getting to me a bit.  I'm feeling sleepy!

Day: Wednesday 15th May 2013
Time spent reading: 1 hour 30 minutes
Books Read: Still working on The Innocents.  It's a perfect pick for a read-a-thon as it's fast paced and easy to read / engrossing.
Books Finished: Still 2


  1. You sure are consistent with your reading hours. I read so randomly (snippet here, another there) that I couldn't keep such count.

    I'm sleepy too. Trying to push in more reading means I don't actually get enough sleep. But it's only for this week.

    I wish you another nice day :)

    1. I only get to read in the evenings, so it's easy to keep track :)
      And I must have slept well last night, as I'm feeling better now!

  2. You sound very busy, no wonder you're tired. I'm impressed you are still managing to read. Although reading can be such a good thing to do to wind down after a busy day.

    Happy reading today!

    1. You're right about winding down, I can't sleep unless I read first...

  3. I've had quite the week, too. Long and busy days always make my brain hurt and then I don't read in the evenings. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    The Innocents is SUCH a good book. I loved it.