Monday 6 May 2013

Blogging Business and Giveaway Winner

I've not had enough time for reading lately, so I've decided to sign up for the 7th Bout of Books Readathon.  The only other readathon I've ever participated in was the one day Classics Club one, so it'll be interesting to take part in a bigger and longer event.  The week beginning 13th May is a busy one for me at work, with the children in my class taking their exams, so it'll be good to have the distraction of plenty of reading whilst I'm at home.  I currently read for about 30 minutes a day during a working week, I'm hoping to at least double that, and meet some new bloggers :)

I've also decided to work towards reading the 100 books in the Penguin English Library, alongside my classics club goal.  It's a very low key reading target (not a challenge) without a time-scale but I'm excited by it.  I've read 19 out of 100 so far, so there's plenty still to discover!  I've created a tabbed page for it here, where you can see the complete list, my progress and any reviews I have written already.

Finally, in my blog tour review post of Alison McQueen's Under the Jewelled Sky, I was able to offer a fantastic prize of ten new women's fiction hardbacks.  With the help of, the winner has been selected as....

Pearl Wilson

I'll be emailing Pearl and passing her details on to the publisher.


  1. All the very best of luck Sam on your challenge!

  2. I haven't participated in Bout of Books but I'm going to check it out :)

    The Penguin challenge sounds like a great one. I looked at the link but I'm internet stupid or I need to find a list that isn't so fancy. Oh duh, now I see YOUR list, yay! A good number of those are on my Classics Club list but I'd still like to check off the ones that I read. I like lists..and I like checking off things on a list even more.

  3. I'm so glad you're joining the readathon too, Sam! Also, that giveaway book looks sooo pretty. Congratulations to the winner!

  4. Congratulations to Pearl. And good luck Sam with the read-a-thon and your new reading goal.

  5. Lucky Pearl! I love the Penguin English Library and have bought several of the volumes. How many have I read? Zero! I need to stop admiring them and start reading them :-)