Friday 12 August 2011

Book Purchases So Far ...

I'm trying to be restrained with my book purchasing whilst on honeymoon, as I do have to lug these books back across the Atlantic, but sometimes (usually in a second hand book shop) I just can't help myself!

So far I have bought:

Book Lust To Go by Nancy Pearl

I bought my sister the original Book Lust for her birthday, and think that the lists of recommendations are amazing.  As an armchair traveller and lover of books set in exotic climes, I couldn't resist Book Lust To Go. It will probably lead to lots more book purchases in the future! 

And of course, whilst I was in New Orleans, I couldn't resist Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire.  Loving it so far too :)

Voodoo in New Orleans by Robert Tallant

My husband the Religious Education teacher was fascinated with the voodoo culture in New Orleans, and dragged me from voodoo shops to museums galore.  He is currently reading this classic on voodoo, written in the 1940s, and really enjoying it.

This despite my resolution to only take my Kindle and not buy any books!


  1. Why the feck not? Enjoy yourself and bring back some memories in book form :D! x

  2. I added so many books to my to-read list from Book Lust To Go, it was insane.

  3. I absolutely adore my kindle, but even so there is nothing like browsing second hand or new book stores for a bargain or a new author. You just can't get the same experience online as picking up a physical book and cracking it open to read the first page before buying. :)

  4. Used book stores are really too fabulous to pass up. And, yes, the memories! I brought back some books I bought from Shakespeare and Company in Paris when I was there in May. I kept the little stickers on the cover and everything :)

  5. Beth - Trust me, the only thing stopping me is the baggage allowance of my flight home! :P

    Jenny - I know, it's such a gorgeous book. Once I borrow Book Lust from my sister too, my TBR list will be completely unmanageable!

    Mel - That's true, which is why I usually only buy for the kindle either for a holiday or if it's much cheaper to do so. And second hand book shops are the best :)

    Trish - I love Paris, hoping to visit again in Easter next year. I will take back as many books as my baggage allowance lets me!

  6. Hi Sam, I'm a sucker for second hand book shops myself (a passion not at all shared with the rest of the family). The Voodoo title looks like something I might have picked up too.