Sunday 3 June 2012

Sunday Salon: The Diamond Jubilee Edition

Here in the UK we are all enjoying an extra long weekend due to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  It's my half term break as well next week, so I have a whole week off, which is much needed and appreciated!

I had a lovely week last week in school celebrating the Jubilee with the children.  We had a mock coronation, a street party, a red white and blue parade, a proper English tea party with scones and clotted cream and spent some time learning old-fashioned songs like There'll Always be an England.  I'm not the most patriotic person going (I have a quieter, British version of patriotism) but all the celebrations did make me feel proud.  Seeing how much the children got into it was just lovely.

I view the Jubilee celebrations as time for a bit of quiet reflection.  Although the UK isn't perfect, I am glad that this is the country I was born in and have been brought up in.  Whilst I am not an ardent monarchist, I appreciate the difficult job the Queen does and think that on balance the Royal Family is a positive force for the country.

I shall be celebrating tomorrow with my family by having a barbeque and spending some extra time together.  The Queen has always been concerned with family and stability, so I think this will be a fitting tribute :)

What's your opinion on the Jubilee and the British Royal Family?


  1. They have showed some of the celebrations on the news here in the US and it looks like a lot of fun. Your classroom celebrations sound neat too.

  2. Well - it does sound like fun! I mean here in India we just go around bemoaning the lack of any sort of leader - and it's nice that you do have someone like the Queen. Happening times in the UK with the Olympics coming up as well!

  3. The celebrations seem to trump any I've seen elsewhere. My friend in Newcastle said her local store ran out of bunting in record time for the festivities! The patriotism and celebration is very exciting and a joy to read about. I also think it's amazing that time spent with friends and family is so regarded! Hope you have a wonderful break!

  4. The news programs in the US have been all over the Jubilee Celebrations this week and I love it. I saw a 2 hour special about the Queen and she is just a fascinating woman. Cheers!

  5. I love having the excuse to feel patriotic - I'm a bit of a romantic that way, I guess. It's connected to a thankfulness for family, which makes it that much richer. Enjoy your time!