Thursday, 21 June 2012

An Apology

Apologies for my absence this week, I've not been around much on my blog or anyone else's (I dread to think of the amount of unread posts in my google reader!).  I'm caught up in the end of academic year teacher stress of final assessments, report writing, parents evenings and panicking about next year!

My reports have to be finished this weekend and after that the pressure should ease a bit and I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging then and to having some free time to spend as I choose.  Four weeks and one day until the summer holidays start and I can't wait!


  1. Sounds incredible, but it's true: the last few weeks of school are the hardest, for us students too. I can't wait for the summer holidays either... Unfortunately we have to stay strong a little longer!

  2. Those last few weeks almost kill me...especially the report writing and the assessments bc I hate those most of all.

  3. Hey Sam hope things ease a bit after the weekend for you, and then not too long until the holidays! Look forward to seeing you around again when you can.

  4. Hang in there! Everything will get done it always - I can say that now because I am now on the first week of my summer vacation from school :)

  5. Oh, I completely understand! The end of the year was tough! Good luck and I hope you get in some great reading. :)

  6. Same here - 150 reports written in the last week, stacks of marking done, and six lots of parents seen. Nearly there...
    - Laura

  7. Overdoing It -Piotr Sommer

    All night the cicadas measured time
    and yet I couldn’t make it to sleep.
    I was late by three hours,
    then by four, then five.
    I was hoping time would turn itself off,
    allow me to somehow reach the finish line.
    And yet even through the wind I heard
    how mercilessly it thumped and banged
    or actually: ticked on, lovelessly.
    And without sleeping at all I dreamed
    I was in a hurry, though I should know
    a hurry is no use. No use, no use,
    I was calling out the refrain, as if playing staccato
    or with my own leg plucking the string, the wing.
    Then I discovered I was the one keeping time,
    rubbing against space, ticking from the inside,
    and would sleep for good if I stopped.

  8. Hope you take a breather and a deep breath! and everything ease off towards the summer. We will miss you!