Thursday 2 June 2011

Wedding Overload!

I am on a one week holiday from work at the moment, the last before our wedding on the 27th July.  Consequently, I've been rushing around trying to do all of the things that we just can't get done in term time as both of us are teachers and can't make daytime appointments.

This week, we have:
1. Ordered the cakes (we're having cupcakes)
2. Paid the registry office and confirmed details of the ceremony
3. Picked up my wedding dress
4. Been to two bridesmaids fittings
5. Bought my wedding make-up and had a trial
6. Booked the car
7. Booked the hairdresser
8. Sorted out the problem with the honeymoon flights
9. Got the flowers

Phew!  The wedding at the moment just seems like one long list of things to do, hopefully it will settle soon.  I am going for my first dress fitting on Sunday and can't wait :) 


  1. oh my goodness you've done so much! I totally feel for you -you must be exhausted! and you've done all the things people keep telling me I should have done! Sorry about all the exclamation marks, my life seems to be a series of exclamation marks recently. Wedding planning is totally craaaaazy!
    Dress fitting is exciting though :-) Good luck, hope it all goes well

  2. I'm chief bridesmaid myself this summer and even in the pheripery of wedding plans I'm exhausted! Hope it's all going according to plan and with little arguements about distant relatives! :)

  3. Wedding preparations can be stressful! Make sure you get some rest .. congratulations in advance =)

  4. :D I really do hope you'll post some pictures from your wedding day (once it's all over and you've had a lovely honeymoon of course). Can't wait to see your dress ^_^
    It may be a bit stressful now, but I'm sure it will all be worth it! :)

  5. Playing librarian - I will probably be frazzled by the big day! I'll try and fit in some long Sunday lie-ins between now and then :P

    Noiashui - I do want to post photos, but am a bit worried as I do want to be completely anonymous (don't want any children I teach to start following me!), and my school has a strict ICT policy that also governs ICT useage/blogging outside of school. I'll probably post a link to a private album, and then only give out the password to people I know.

  6. oh, this made me chuckle, I remember when planning our wedding thinking that there is something to that eloping to vegas business :-) Not long to go now for you, I'm sure it will be a brilliant day!

  7. Mummazappa - Yes, there is definitely something about eloping that seems attractive! :P