Monday 19 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Readathon Wrap-Up

Over the weekend, I took part in the Dog Days of Summer Readathon, hosted by the fabulous Estella Society.  It was a forty-eight hour readathon and whilst I did read more than usual, I didn't read solidly through the daylight hours.  However, I'm pleased that I managed to start and finish two books, both of which were from the stack of books I had wanted to read at the beginning of the challenge.  Both were also books I already owned, which is awesome as that's another two off the TBR!

I read The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan first, the final book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  It's 381 action-packed pages and took all of Saturday and half of Sunday to read, off and on.  It was a great pick for a readathon as it's pacy and a very quick read for the page count, meaning I felt like I was making excellent progress.  I've loved the whole Percy Jackson series, and The Last Olympian was a fitting ending.

I finished The Last Olympian early on Sunday afternoon and decided to try to read another whole book by the end of the day.  French Milk was a good choice, as it's a graphic novel/travelogue recounting the author's experiences living in France for six weeks with her mother.  I was expecting to like this book but actually I connected with it in a much deeper way than I thought I would.  I can't wait to pick up Relish, as soon as possible.

In total, I finished two books with a total of 574 pages.  More importantly, I enjoyed both books and had a blast reading much more than I usually would.  
Thanks to all at The Estella Society for hosting the readathon, it was a great way to spend a weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! I love love love French Milk, and I'm glad you were able to connect to it, too. :D Relish is also excellent.

  2. Glad that you got a lot of reading done! Both your books are on my to-read list! I didn't read as much but it was certainly fun.

  3. Good job on the reading! Interesting choices. Hope you enjoy this week reading!

  4. My summers are always too packed with child entertaining activities to participate in these things but it's lovely to see what everyone else reads. Love the sound of French Milk.

  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed your reading time and your selections for this readathon. I had such a blast. I really wish the Percy Jackson books did it for me, but after reading the first two I just don't feel compelled to continue on. French Milk seems so wonderful!!

  6. I loved French Milk, too, and keep waiting for my library to purchase a copy of Relish. Will have to break down and buy it myself pretty soon!