Sunday 9 June 2013

Sam Sunday #17

This edition is bought to you by lemon layer cake :)

It's been a while since I wrote a personal update, what with the madness of Armchair BEA and then the stress of the first week back at work after the half term holiday.  I wasn't around much on the blog this week as things are hectic at work, to say the least.  I'm counting down the weeks until the summer hols (six and a half weeks to go!).

The half term break was lovely, though.  We managed to completely decorate the living room, which has gone from peach walls and mahogany woodwork to pale yellow walls with white woodwork and beech furniture.  It looks so much brighter!  It feels great to have at least one room in the house that is decorated to our taste.  The next room on our hit-list is the main bedroom, which is a bigger job as it needs re-plastering and a new carpet.  The plasterer is booked for the 28th June, I can't wait to get another room done.

Next Wednesday is my husband's 28th birthday.  He's out all day and all evening on a school trip to France, so we'll be celebrating next weekend.  I've booked us a hotel in London so we can go up there during the day on Saturday and spend the whole weekend away.  The hotel is in Russell Square, which is our favourite place to stay in London, due to it's close proximity to the British Museum and the bookshops on Charing Cross Road.  We're planning to have his birthday meal at Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant we've both wanted to go to for ages.

And then the weekend after that is our nephew's christening, so it's all busy busy busy!  The good news is that my reading slump is finally starting to go away and I'm getting excited about books again.

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  1. Enjoy your weekend in London! The lemon layer cake is making me drool...

  2. Sweet Moses, that cake looks AWESOME! I'm a giant fan of anything lemon flavored :)

    Speaking of lemon, I happen to LOVE the color yellow as well. I bet your living room looks great!

    I hope you enjoy your upcoming reads. Reading slumps STINK. Happy early birthday to your hubby. It sounds like you'll have a nice celebration :)

  3. Ooo that cake looks scrumtious. I want some now!

  4. Mm lemon cake. I bet it's (almost) as awesome as lime cakes :)

    Have a nice summer, Sam!

  5. "A school trip to France" - this is why living in Europe would be awesome (that, and other reasons). Also, that cake looks aMAzing.

  6. So many good things! I love a newly-decorated room, and that cake looks AMAZING.

  7. Happy birthday to your husband! I hope you enjoyed your break.

  8. Now I need a slice of that wonderful cake!

    Happy birthday to your husband and enjoy the weeked away!

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband. That cake looks yummy. Lemon and carrot are our favorites.

  10. Firstly, stop teasing me with pictures of cake I can't eat. That's hardly fair is it :)

    Secondly, wahaca is really cool! The food is amazing and so are the cocktails/mocktails.

    Thirdly, I am very pleased you are starting to get over your reading slump. Those things are such a pain.

    I hope you enjoy your time in London!

  11. The cake! Oh my... Now I don't know whether to go eat chocolate (the only sweet currently in the house) or bake something myself. But where is a photo of the new living room? It sounds wonderful from your description! And it is great to have the house look like you want it, I can't wait to get ours there.