Monday 30 August 2010


One of the perks of being a teacher is the long summer holiday (six weeks here in the UK).  I go back to school on Thursday, but have had lots of time to read, catch up with friends and just generally get everything sorted out.  Last night I put a film on and decided to organise some of my books.

I am a natural organiser, and organising things makes me happy.  My books were arranged by genre, and alphabetical for fiction, which was very practical so I decided to be completely unpractical and arrange two of my shelves by colour, to create a kind of rainbow:

It's completely impractical, because colour is not exactly a defining feature of a book, but I'm pleased nonetheless.  It'll force me to look through things properly when I'm looking for a book rather than just choosing a genre. My other two shelves do look a bit drab now though!


  1. Omg that is so cute :3 Looks amazing!
    (I'm all practical librarian like and have ofc organized my books by the surname of the authors and keeping fiction and fact books apart)

  2. @noiashui
    Thank you!
    Yes, it's totally impractical but it does brighten up the room.
    Good job I'm not a real librarian :p

  3. What a creative idea! It looks so cool! I've always shelved mine by genre but this makes me want to try switching things up!

  4. @lisa :)

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks :)
    It's really brightened up my room, but if you do it, be prepared to not be able to find anything quickly!


  5. I'm really jealous of your bookshelves; they look awesome. I tried to do that once, but stopped halfway through when I noticed that I didn't have enough colors to do it with.

  6. Hello, I found you via herbookself.

    I love the rainbow shelves! Please don't change them back. I arrange books so that authors are next to other authors they might like - or they should be. Recently books have been stacked up and shoved everywhere.

    I might have a rainbow revamp.