Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Non-Book Related: My Kitten!

In two and a half weeks, I am getting a new kitten and I'm so excited about it already!  He's a boy kitten and we're going to call him Joseph.  As I know lots of bookish people also love cats (has anyone else noticed that?), I could not resist posting adorable pictures of him at three weeks.

I have owned cats before, but this will be my first one since moving out of my parents house.  I can't wait!

Isn't he cute?  We're bringing him home on the 17th December, just in time for Christmas.


  1. How cute Sam!

    I actually have noticed that a lot of book lovers like myself have cats and some even have a lot! I think it has to do with our personalities. I know I'm very layed back and love to curl up on the couch and watch tv and cats are layed back creatures as well.

  2. He is gorgeous!! So cute!

    I've been considering getting at cat myself and now you're convincing me more that I should! :)

  3. Oh, he is adorable!! I LOVE the last picture!!

  4. Oh, my gosh, Sam! Joseph is ADORABLEEEE. How lucky you are! Please feel free to overload me with e-mails full to the brim with pictures of Joseph once he comes home! :P

    I've always wanted a kitten! I'm sadly one of the rare book bloggers that does not own a cat (although I have two dogs!).

  5. awwww sweet.

    Not allowed cats in my block of flats. :(

  6. @Taylor - I definitely agree with your theory. I'm hoping to train Joseph to enjoy laying on the sofa with me whilst I read!

    @Mel - Go for it! I'm looking forward to having something to come home to in the evenings (boyfriend works longer hours than me).

    @Kristina - Only 2 weeks to go now! So excited! I would love to have a puppy but as I live in a block of flats don't really think it would be fair on him/her. Once we finally get the money together to buy a house, we're getting a puppy too :)

  7. Oh..he's so adorable! I'm sure Joseph will have a very merry (and spoiled) first holiday.... ^_^

  8. I love the first picture, how adorable! I can't resist looking at kittens' cute little lost faces!